Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Latest Stats on Tweens and Social Networks

The latest study on tweens and how they use social networks (like Facebook and MySpace) came out today, and there are some surprising figures about how tweens spend their time online:
  • 28% of tweens use Facebook (be sure to check out our tips on protecting them against unwanted photo tagging)
  • On average, tweens spend 1.9 hours online a day
  • More than half of tweens watch videos online (you have to screen YouTube as carefully as t.v. - check out our channel on YouTube for fun, age-appropriate videos)
  • 78% of tweens play online games, and this ranks as their number one activity online
On cell phones:
  • 34% of tweens have a mobile phone, and 18% of these own a smartphone (this is up from 26% three years ago)
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