Wednesday, July 21, 2010

American Girl Tries Again to Create an Online Club for Tweens

Some of you may remember the American Girl Club from several years back (I think it closed in 2005) - it was one of the earlier attempts at creating an online community for tween girls that was a closed, safe community (strict age access restrictions, no personally identifiable information, etc.). Since it closed, a few other online communities for tween girls have launched (Chica Circle, iTwixie, AllyKatzz, and Miss O and Friends), and a few have closed (R.I.P. Club BSG). A new social networking site - a Facebook for kids - called Everloop is due to launch soon as well.

Today American Girl (now owned by Mattel) launched a new community for tween girls called InnerStar University. It's a virtual world - a campus, actually - where girls and their dolls can play games, earn awards, etc. There's homework help in the Starlight Library, digital dress-up in the Shopping Square, and discussion communities on nature (in the Blue Sky Nature Center) and water sports (in the Starfire Boathouse). Unlike the older AG club, this one requires purchase of a new My American Girl doll to join.

If you join, let us know what you think about it!

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Anonymous said...

Tween girls rock! Thanks for mentioning!

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