Saturday, November 14, 2009

Study Confirms: Tweens Today Are Headed in the Right Direction

In December of 2009, the Girl Scout Research Institute will release Good Intentions: The Beliefs and Values of Teens and Tweens Today. The study examines the ethical beliefs and values of young people today and how those have changed as compared to a landmark Girl Scout study on the same issue conducted in 1989.

Overwhelmingly, youth today:
Are not prone to risky or inappropriate behavior:
- 62% say they would not cheat on a test (compared to 48% in 1989)
- 58% say they would refuse an alcoholic drink if offered one at a party (compared to 46% in 1989)
- 33% say they would wait until marriage to have sex (compared to 24% in 1989)
- 18% say smoking is okay if the person finds it enjoyable (compared to 27% in 1989)
Are civic-minded and generous:
- 84% (compared to 77% in 1989) say they will vote in every election
- 76% (compared to 63% in 1989)say they will give regularly to charity
- 79% say they will volunteer in their community (question not asked in 1989)
Value diversity:
- 59% say being around people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds is important to them (question not asked in 1989)
Know their own minds and stand on their own two feet:
- 79% (compared to 72% in 1989) say they would express an opinion they knew to be unpopular
- 26% (compared to 34%) report feeling pushed to fit in
Are close to‚ and respectful of, their parents:
- 94% say they have an adult in their lives who cares about them
- 92% of those who do say it is their parents
- Overall, 62% say their parents are the first people they turn to for advice

As parents, I'm sure you already knew this about your tween - but it's always nice to see a positive trend.

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