Monday, July 27, 2009

A Tween Legally Blonde TV Show

A tween tv spin-off of the Legally Blonde movie will premiere this Sunday on ABC Family (Sunday, August 2, 8pm EST). The storyline is as follows: With a legal approach to life built into their blood, twins Izzy (Becky Rosso) and Annie (Milly Rosso) Woods share their cousin Elle’s DNA, including beauty, perfect blonde hair and fabulous fashion sense. But when the teens move from their native England to California to attend a posh prep school, they end up becoming the target of Tiffany (Brittany Curran), the school’s wealthy “queen,” and ultimately become embroiled in a campus trial. Put to the test, the two girls have to use the trademark Woods’ ingenuity to take the blonde fight to the toughest venue of all -- high school.

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