Sunday, May 19, 2013

Emma Watson Warns That Social Media Is Shortening Childhood

The actress who earned fame as a tween stars in a new film in which social media looms large. While at Cannes promoting her new film, The Bling Ring by Sofia Coppola, Ms. Watson said, " I think it’s amazing how self-aware people are becoming as a result of constantly posting images on Facebook and Instagram. They’re blissfully unaware their childhoods are being shortened. That period of time when you’re not self-conscious is sped up."

During an interviewshe added, "I think technology is playing a really big part in a sense that everything has started moving so much quicker. We are becoming saturated with images. They can embody whatever they [fans] project onto that image. It’s very different; it has very little to do with reality."

Ms. Coppola added, "The idea of no privacy has become the norm."

Managing social media for tweens has been a challenge of modern parenting. Our tips for managing the digital footprint of your tween and creating a family technology policy can be found here - please add your tips! 

Original article at the U.K. Daily Mail here:

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