Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Ideas For Tweens

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from Ms.Twixt and family! We pulled together a quick list of fun Thanksgiving traditions for tweens:

Keep them occupied: We loved this idea from One Charming Party of pumpkin pie favor boxes: a takeout container is set at each place setting and the top cover is customized with an image of a pumpkin pie. We'd update this for tweens by stuffing them with mini quiz books, Smencils, Japanese erasers, Model Magic, mini nail polishes, gimp and lanyard rings, origami papers, a deck of cards, and lip glosses.

Be crafty and grateful at the same time: Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for what one has. A fantastic idea is to create a gratitude paper chain. Simply set out jars full of strips of colorful paper along with pens and a stapler. Each kid writes as many things that she is thankful for on one strip and then staples the strip to form a loop. Especially with adults and extended family getting in on the action, the entire paper chain will assembled in no time.

Get out and play! A friend is gathering all of the neighborhood kids together to enjoy a mid-morning game of football with cider and doughnuts to follow. We will certainly be grateful for the chance to get out of the kitchen to hang out with friends and neighbors.

Make a fun pop quiz! Make a family trivia book: print out the template (or make your own quick accordian-style booklet out of cardstock) from Martha Stewart, send the tweens around to interview guests, and then have a ball figuring out which family member worked as a movie extra, speaks fluent Pig Latin, has traveled to all seven continents, etc.

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