Monday, November 1, 2010

What's Cool for Tweens in November: MsTwixt's Calendar

Ms Twixt's Calendar

  • Nov 1 Hello Kitty's birthday
  • Nov 1 Hilary Knight's birthday (illustrator of "Eloise")
  • Nov 2 Kendall Schmidt's birthday
  • Nov 2 Cookie Monster's birthday
  • Nov 4 Eloise's birthday
  • Nov 5 Kevin Jonas' birthday
  • Nov 7 "Shake It Up" series premiere on Disney Channel
  • Nov 9 Kay Thompson's birthday (author of "Eloise")
  • Nov 10 Lilly Pulitzer's birthday
  • Nov 10 Sesame Street's anniversary
  • Nov 10 Emerson Rose Tenney's birthday (Teri Hatcher's daughter)
  • Nov 12 Anne Hathaway's birthday
  • Nov 12 "Avalon High" movie premiere on Disney Channel
  • Nov 13 National Gallery's outdoor skating rink opens on the National Mall
  • Nov 13 Monique Coleman's birthday
  • Nov 15 "Harry Potter 7: The Deathly Hollows" U.S. movie premiere in NYC - ticket info here
  • Nov 18 Mickey Mouse's birthday
  • Nov 18 "Harry Potter 7: The Deathly Hollows" movie midnight opening!
  • Nov 23 Miley Cyrus' birthday
  • Nov 24 "Tangled" movie opens
  • Nov 29 Louisa May Alcott's birthday (author of "Little Women")
  • November Big Time Rush tour (locations TBD)
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