Monday, October 25, 2010

Fun for Tweens: How-To Do a Candy Corn Manicure

Just in time for Halloween: a fun how-to for a Candy Corn manicure!

This is from a cute blog by Babbling Brooke who is a tad nail polish obsessed, but lucky for us, she shares - here's her guide for a fun Candy Corn manicure:

1. Use two coats of yellow nail polish (she used Need Sunglasses by OPI)
2. Then paint on a coat of orange using a either a French manicure nail guide or simply swooshing a curved line. Paint to the ends, leaving a stripe of the yellow showing at the base of the nail
3. Use a French manicure white nail pen or tip paint to do the ends in white
4. Paint on two layers of top coat to smooth out the layered look and feel of this manicure


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Shawna Griffith said...

Love this! My daughter is 8 and we had to run out to get yellow and orange polish to try this tonight! Thanks for sharing!

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