Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Healthier Chocolate Milk?

All of us in the Twixt household have been grooving on these cool, lower-sugar chocolate milk straws from Sipahh. They're called "milk flavoring straws" and come in chocolate, strawberry, cookies-n-cream & banana. Our faves are the chocolate and cookies-n-cream. They're basically a straw with flavored sugar pellets INSIDE the straw - so you drink much less sugar (only 2 grams of sugar per straw!) than if you were to mix a syrup into milk. Not health food, certainly, but definitely a fun and healthier option (and it has no gluten, for those of you with such allergies).

As always, please note that any and all product info/recs/postings are all strictly editorial in nature and NOT paid for/sponsored in anyway.

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