Saturday, July 21, 2012

American Girl "McKenna" Movie Screening at American Girl Place Washington, DC

We brought our youngest tween out to American Girl Place at Tysons Corner for the new "McKenna" American Girl movie tonight. We decided to make an evening of it with dinner first at the American Girl Bistro and then the movie.

Dinner at the DC American Girl Bistro was very much consistent with our prior expeditions to American Girl in New York and Boston. The setting was fanciful and very PINK with doll-size settings everywhere. Our tween was particularly taken with the giant pink flower chandelier hanging over our table.

The fixed price menu offered a lot of choices, even for vegetarians, and we both loved our sides and entrees. Pink lemonade was the beverage of choice for the tween, while mom had a choice of wines. The starters were pleasantly starter-size (we opted for chicken noodle soup and the pretzel bites)and left room for the main course (penne pasta with a garlic sauce and roast salmon). Dessert was, of course, chocolate mousse in adorable green glass flower pots. We went through the entire box of "table talk" questions over dinner - which was perfect for a bit of mother-daughter bonding.

We had time for a quick photo-op with the McKenna movie cut-out and then picked up our hot pink wristbands.

The movie screening was held at the Tyson's Corner Marriott. We're local residents, but for families visiting the DC area, the Tyson's Marriott offers a special American Girl package.
The hotel converted a ballroom into a movie screening room complete with a colorful and well-stocked candy buffet, bags of popcorn, and an expanse of space that dozens of tween girls immediately sprawled out on. "McKenna" was projected onto a huge screen, and the atmosphere was very much like a giant slumber party.

Even though the movie was shown on television last week, the ballroom was full of girls attentively watching the screen. Some came in American Girl outfits, a few had brought blankets to sit on, and they all applauded when the lights came on.

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Chamber of Secrets Has Been Opened

Are you the heir of Slytherin? Pottermore recently opened the second book (CoS) up for students of the Slytherin house only! We have two girls in Slytherin house here who are very pleased about this new development. But, if you are in another house, don't worry the book will open soon for the whole school to enjoy!
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