Friday, December 9, 2011

A Yule Ball for Tweens by Harry and The Potters

Tween fave band, Harry and the Potters, will be in Washington, DC tonight playing at the annual Yule Ball. Regular readers of this blog will recall that Harry and the Potters played a hugely successful show at the DC Public Library earlier this summer. The band is a brother duo of Joe and Paul DeGeorge, and they write and play rock songs based upon the characters in the Harry Potter series. Harry and the Potters is a perennial favorite of DC tweens, teens, and college students, and they've played at local libraries for the past few years.

Tonight's concert benefits The Harry Potter Alliance, a non-profit that seeks to mobilize young people in social justice causes. This will be the 7th annual Yule Ball, and joining the line-up are YouTube phenoms Potter Puppet Pals, the Max Levine Ensemble, Diagon Alley, Justin Finch-Flechley and the Sugar Quills, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, and Dead Cat Orchestra.

Ticket info for the DC show is here. The Yule Ball will be making stops along the East Coast this month in Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. We hope that your tween gets to attend - these shows are a ton of fun! Attire is dress robes.

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Bethany Muriel said...

Hello! I love your blog! I read it all day! I have a little problems. My tween has become infatuated with Victoria Secret. She says that girls her age (14) love to wear it, and now she wants me to take her to buy a fancy lace bras and panties! She also says that some girls her age wear (here is the kicker) THONGS ?!?!?! My daughter just started being allowed to wear a BRA and now she wants to wear Victoria's Secret ?!?!?! I know that you have a daughter that age, and was wondering if you could write a post addressing this issue, because it is a pretty pickle for me. Thank you love!

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